Monday 17 August 2015

Real Life Sketching

Hi Chaps,

I just recently spent some time in The Lake District and managed to get some sketching done, which doesn't tend to happen very often normally.
It does make a change to draw in real life with a real life pencil on a areal life paper sketch pad, rather than the ol' wacom tablet and pen that I normally do practically ALL my drawing on.
This is a sketch of a tree by a river.

Took about five minutes, and for anyone interested, here are a few technical details :)
I used a 0.5 propelling pencil with HB leads on an A6 Muji sketch/notepad, no rubber, and also no specs on which made it interesting. A bit like drawing with my eyes permanently half closed, so I ended up concentrating on the broad forms, and suggesting the flowers and grass, rather any than finickity details.