Monday 8 October 2012

Big Draw at Strawberry Hill

Hi chaps,

Well we had a Big Draw event on Saturday at Strawberry Hill House.

Strawberry Hill House is a great venue to have an event, it's Horace Walpole's old house, and is basically a Gothic Castle, so is very inspiring.
The event was organised by Clare and Lizzie, and in keeping with the surroundings, they decided to get the kids to do frames in a stained glass window, which then formed part of the exhibition in the house. Very nice idea.
But it was basically felt tip pens on tracing paper, which works very nicely. May try it at home :)
Here are pens and scribbles of works in progress

and here's the window in place, nearly full.

It took place in their 'art room', where there are picture frames painted on the wall, which get filled up periodically, so we did that too.

I did this slightly psychedelic felt-tip fruit still life.

And here are some of the Gothic spires.

But it was a great thing to be involved with, and a lovely day.