Thursday 26 August 2010

PLR Petition

This was brought to my attention by Cassia Thomas, and I think it is a rather worthwhile petition.
Cassia puts it very nicely, so I will quote from her post if I may :)

PLR (public lending rights) allows an author/illustrator a small earning from each lending of their work from a public library (6p per lend). The government want to drastically cut this funding.

There are but a few JKRowling's, Stephanie Meyer's, and Quentin Blakes. Many of us, if not most of us struggle to make ends meet and every penny makes a difference. Please, please show your support of PLR funding by signing this petition.

Tuesday 24 August 2010


Well, after a week away, and a rebuild of my pc, which basically took up just over two weeks in total, I'm ready to post a follow up to my last post about Miss Sampson, the new teacher.
(and yes I did lose stuff in my pc rebuild, annoyingly. Somehow, however methodical I try and be, I always forget something. And all the driver installs for the hardware stuff is always awkward, and I end up spending a morning trying to install the print drivers or something.)

Here is the full finished picture, with swooning little lad, and jealous classmate.
Also, I've posted my original pencil sketches of the lad and the little girl, so you can see how they developed.

Wednesday 4 August 2010

New Teacher

Here's a character from a couple of illustrations I'm working on.
She's a new teacher, and she's called Miss Sampson.

The first image has the first thumbnail sketch that I did to capture the idea, and the rough version working out the pose.
And the second image is the refined version of her.
I saw a woman walking down the street who was like this, v. skinny, round head and short bob, So I had a good clear mental image to draw from, which I find always helps.
The clearer the mental image, the easier it is to get it down on paper without spoiling it.
And the character came to me trousers, hairdo and head first