Friday 14 March 2014

Little Crooked Cottage

Hi Chaps,

The book 'The Coziest Place', written by Jamie Michalak, which I illustrated has been mentioned on the blog 'Litle Crooked Cottage', here .
It's a lovely children’s book blog dedicated to celebrating authors, illustrators, and their creations.

But they've just got snow at the home of the blog, so are featuring a few books celebrating snow.
The Coziest Place is about a family of bears who come in from a snowy sledging trip and have cocoa and snuggle in for the night.
Here are a few drawings from it, just in black and white.

And you can buy a copy here if you fancy, at Booksetc

But There's some good stuff on the blog, this post featuring some fab illustrators including Christopher Denise, Ross Collins and Peter H Reynolds who are particular favourites of mine.
Do have a look.