Monday 28 February 2011

Red House Children's Book Award

Here we are, quick post, the shortlist for the Red House Children's Book Award has come out.
There's some good stuff in the picture book section, including a couple of illustrators who I really like, Alison Edgson, and Charles Fuge.
Good luck chaps :)

Tuesday 15 February 2011

Melvyn Quentinship The Lion

I've been sketching lions. Well, it's probably just one lion, really, but I've been moved to give him a fine head of hair.
As I was drawing his face, and was about to move onto his mane, images of Melvyn Bragg and Quentin Crisp came to me.
So I decided to make him finely and luxuriously coiffed, but was undecided as to whether to give him a big quiff, or a bisonesque centre parting, so I did one of each.

Do let me know which hairstyle you like best, if you have a preference.

I'll try and build him up into a full character, rather than just a head.
I think he will be christened Melvyn Quentinship, in honour of his hair inspirations
And he shall wear a cravat.