Monday, 19 July 2010

More fine trousers

Quick sketch of a chap playing a trumpet.
I started with his trousers.
For some reason , when I draw a character, I seem to start with their legs/trousers.
It's not what I would have thought would be the normal foundation for creating a character, but they do often come to me trousers first.
Then if I get the neck and nose right, I feel I'm on the way.
Then I think of a hairdo.

But I do tend to leave arms till last.
Sometimes I only stick arms on when I sketch them doing things.

Maybe it's a bit like Alec Guinness only feeling he can properly do a character when he's got the right shoes.


  1. Jon, this is a great character! This is too funny, how he play and pants he was very suited! Especially trumpet - he was captivated and plays a full reel! I love your sketches, they are always true! :-)

  2. Thank you for passing by and for your nice comments!