Monday, 5 July 2010

Three Musketeers in the Loo

I found three musketeers in the loo yesterday.
Not something you see every day, but not too weird under the circumstances, as there was a 17th Century re-enactment going on at a Stately Home type place we went to.
But it was odd having the musketeers in hats, spurs, swords and frills taking turns with the hand dryer.
You had to sort of step over their swords to get past.

Here are sketches of a couple of them.

Later on, a man with little bails of firewood told us how to catch a duck.
That's a family day out right there.


  1. O! This is such a cool publication! I love that! I never saw the Musketeers in the loo :-) So funny! This is ready illustrations! So beautiful! Just super and cute!!!

  2. Reminds me of the time I found myself going against a tide of 50 (well, ish) gladiators on some steps in Edinburgh. It didn't help my hangover at all...

    So how do you catch a duck?

  3. Well, it's a little bit grim, but he had a length of string, with about six peanuts tied to it every foot or so.
    He said the duck would eat the peanuts one by one, swallowing the string as it went, and it would end up caught on it.
    And then he did stomping and twisting of neck actions.
    He reminded me of the lead singer of Sparks.

  4. See, that's disturbing enough without the Sparks thing... that takes it to whole new level!

  5. It does a bit, doesn't it.
    I wonder if it actually was him.
    I'll have to look and see if he's got a blog or is on twitter.
    There might be an entry saying "was at a 17th Century re-enactment today. Told some people how to catch a duck, hee hee."