Wednesday, 4 August 2010

New Teacher

Here's a character from a couple of illustrations I'm working on.
She's a new teacher, and she's called Miss Sampson.

The first image has the first thumbnail sketch that I did to capture the idea, and the rough version working out the pose.
And the second image is the refined version of her.
I saw a woman walking down the street who was like this, v. skinny, round head and short bob, So I had a good clear mental image to draw from, which I find always helps.
The clearer the mental image, the easier it is to get it down on paper without spoiling it.
And the character came to me trousers, hairdo and head first


  1. This is a lovely character! I adore jeans bell-bottoms! And sneakers, she is an excellent teacher, Miss Sampson! :-)
    And I say again: I love your style and your characters!
    Kindness and real emotion live in them!