Monday, 12 July 2010

Dad's Army In The Cafe

There were two members of the Home Guard on the table next to us in the cafe yesterday.
Helmets, camouflage, boots, everything.
One with a Sten Gun, one with a Tommy Gun.
One having a Calypso, one having a Coke.

Yes, it was Historical Re-enactment time again. And this was at a different stately home.
There's some great stuff going on.

One of the other guys doing it was wearing these absolutely huge dungaree things.
I did a sketch of him, cos I thought he cut an interesting figure.


  1. Wonderful work- love your character designs.

  2. O! And again a wonderful job! And I smile again! :-)
    Unbelievable, how you can doing so cool!
    I can see now this man you described! Great!

  3. he's ace, Jon. I love him! I bet he packs his sarnies down his trews...

  4. I bet he can fit a whole picnic - chicken legs, cucumber sarnies, cheese, crackers, wine, glasses, everything down there.