Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Melvyn Quentinship The Lion

I've been sketching lions. Well, it's probably just one lion, really, but I've been moved to give him a fine head of hair.
As I was drawing his face, and was about to move onto his mane, images of Melvyn Bragg and Quentin Crisp came to me.
So I decided to make him finely and luxuriously coiffed, but was undecided as to whether to give him a big quiff, or a bisonesque centre parting, so I did one of each.

Do let me know which hairstyle you like best, if you have a preference.

I'll try and build him up into a full character, rather than just a head.
I think he will be christened Melvyn Quentinship, in honour of his hair inspirations
And he shall wear a cravat.


  1. I like the first one! There's a lion that knows how to rock a mighty coiff! Is this for a children's book? It looks really nice!

  2. Jon! You are amazing! I am impressed with this gentleman! I am seat and smiiile! :-) How he is cute!
    I love both of hairdos - I think that he can to wear different hairdos :-)
    Waiting for him!!!!!!!! :-))))

  3. First thing I thought on seeing these two... BeeGee's ! And that's a plus, not a criticism ;-) Go with the full Melvin B coiffed bonce (although the other 'bison parting' is a close second).I await the cravat et al with great interest!

    Ta so much for the feedback on my high divers. We observed sir, scanned in gouache for the clouds and other textures and hardboard for the background subtle texture. I'm so glad to hear you thought it undigital... that what I'd hoped for :-)


  4. Thanks guys.
    Well it looks like the quiffy hairdo wins. A few people have mentioned the Bee Gees, actually. He does look a bit like Barry doesn't he? Maybe I'll change his name to Barry Quentinship.
    he's not from a book or anything, just a character idea from my sketchbook.
    It'd be great to get him and Elliot and Spiner from the earlier post in a story, but I haven't had any sparks yet.