Monday, 24 January 2011

Basic Shapes

Hi again chaps.
I wanted to post a couple sketches I did recently of some people I saw in the street.
I noticed both of them because of their silhouettes, I think, because of the simple shapes they break down into.
I haven't done much charicaturing or exaggerating, they pretty much looked like this.
I just thought it was interesting how the little girl is a triangle on a box, with two straight lines underneath, and the lady is basically a triangle and two blocks with a little circle on top.
Breaking down into simple shapes and silhouettes in animation is a fairly major part of creating a character, and similarly is in illustration, and I thought it was interesting how these two people stood out in real life for me because of these characteristics.
Anyway, back to the colouring in.


  1. Hello, Jon! :-D
    They are sooo cute! I love your sketches from the street :-) I recognize them, like I know them too and saw once. The movement and character - is all here! And I keep smile again and again :-)
    Good days for you!

  2. Your sketches are so simple but capture the essence of the character - I envy your talent!
    Do you do your sketches on the computer tablet also?

  3. Thanks guys.
    Yes, these were done on my computer tablet.
    I don't tend to have much of a chance to draw out and about, so I find I have to sort of make a mental note, and then draw it later, and mostly that ends up being on my computer.