Thursday, 25 November 2010

Website Update

Right, I've finally managed to update my website with some new work.
There's a bunch of stuff you might like to have a look at.
Here's a link to it

There are two pictures of Gorgonzola the Witch (Black & White, bottom half of front page) featuring Huddleston, ironing, and her friend Alison. So you can see how the sketches from the previous posts match up to the finished illustrations.
(Actually, my final drawings are often a refined version of a sketch, if I'm more or less happy with it, as I tend to just knock the opacity down and draw over it in photoshop, kind of like a lightbox - bit of info on my technique there - so you might spot a few similarities)

There's a picture from my book idea The Shirt Machine (also Black & White)

And the colour stuff features Elephants and Tigers, and a couple of Bears.
Here are some sketches working out little elephant - Small, and the big, old elephants, and the Tiger.
So you can do the same as with Gorgonzola, and spot the bits where I used them.


  1. Hello, Jon!!! :-))

    You're the great inventor of characters and stories! You're a dreamer! Original illustrations:)!
    So many new and interesting I saw on your web-sight! I love your new images!
    Please, tell for Gorgonzola from me that her haircut is lovely! They are so happy with her friend dragon Huddleston!!!

    And how I cannot say about your baby elephant and a Tiger!? They are so cute - Tiger just sooo typical one who saw the fire and copper pipes :))))

    Sea of Positive ! Thank you! :) I am so happy, I am see and smile and giggle!