Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Gogonzola The Witch

Sorry there hasn't been much drawing up here of late - I've been working hard.
But here we are, I've got something new to show.

I've been thinking about witches (a little bit late maybe, but still) and here is a character I thought up.
She is a witch called Gongonzola.
She's a bit disorganised, so tends to be in a bit of a rush, and so she's gone out with her bunny slippers still on.
And she didn't have time to put her skull patterned skirt on, so is going about with her bloomers showing.
And the cold weather has made her hair a bit frizzy.
Her witch best friend is more sensible and reliable, and is called Alison.
Here's a character sketch of her, and some rough idea sketches, to sort of show a bit of development of the picture.

I will be putting a couple of pictures of her up on my website soon, which will also feature her friend Alison, and a Dragon, a cat, a frog and ironing,

A website update with a nice few pictures is on the way, actually, so will post more about that when it happens, too :)


  1. Hi, Jon! So glad again to see you and your new pictures! And read funny stories!
    This witch so funny! Oh! Great character! I already see how she runs around the house in search of her broom, which hid in the wardrobe :)
    You are always come up such an interesting stuff! Your images are non-standard and funny and alive! :)))))
    I am waiting for your new pictures of which you speak. If you put them on your site, please write here! ;) Good luck!

  2. Thanks, I think I might try and do some more pictures of her, cos she is fun to do.
    I'll have to see if I can get any ideas for a story about her.