Friday, 24 September 2010


I'm really used to drawing straight on my pc, with my tablet and pen, it's how I do most of my work nowadays.
So much so, that last night, when I was sketching in my pad, if I made a mistake I kept on wanting to press Ctrl Z instead of using my annoying smudgy rubber.
And my left hand actually kept twitching, it's such an automatic thing for me.
Maybe this is a sign I should invest in an iPad type thing for my sketching. Though from what I can make out, they aren't pressure sensitive yet, so you can't get variation of line, so I don't think it would do the job for me sketching-wise.
Maybe on the third or fourth generation I'll find they'll do the job.

Anyway, here is one of the sketches I did.
I've called it, "Supermarket", "Toyshop"


  1. I love the body language in this sketch :)
    I still sketch on paper. I just cannot get used to drawing first sketches on my Wacom. Just as well that many kinds of ways of working can be accommodated in this digital world.

    Many thanks for commenting on my blog.

  2. Hi, Jon! Always nice visit your blog.
    It is very lightweight and has a certain graphic mood! Excellent plot! This scene is very interesting and meaningful:) the movement of thought and movement hands :-)
    Sometimes in my head appears kink as you have with Сtrl+Z :)))))))))

  3. Very nice and simple sketch with describes a moment very well.