Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Here's a princess, in a rather traditional fairy story style.
Maybe I could make her a bit more post modern, and do another picture of her with big Tank Girl boots, and have her riding a Harley Davidson (or Hog, as I believe they are referred to)


  1. Great!!! The movement, which says - "oh, I want to ride on Harley" :-) You're such a fibber! Always interesting to read stories that you write! I love this picture! :)))

  2. This is great, especially without the hog! But maybe a piglet?! Ha! Love it!

  3. Hi Jon, Great to be able to see your website (am I wrong but that wasn't there last time I visited...and OK I'm overdue a visit!). Your colouring is really sensitive. I particularly love the mother bear hugging her cub, great mixed palette in the fur! It also nice to see your inintial thumbnails on the last but one post, so much character (as always). I'm incredibly jealous, you make character acting look effortless.

  4. Thanks guys.

    Thanks for kind words about my colours Matt.
    I find colouring really hard, it takes me about twice as long as composition, linework, etc all put together, so I'm glad to hear it seems to be working ok in the end :)

  5. Hi Jon,

    it's great!
    It's a great picture and also a nice story, hehe!

    I would like to draw a princess too today - but I am sure, my little girl is not a princess like yours, hehe :-)! You are a very very talented illustrator! I love your work very much!!!

    Have a wonderful day,
    greetings from Germany,


    my blog - thanks for visit