Thursday, 25 March 2010

Patiently Explaining

Here's a sketch of a Mum patiently explaining something to a girl.
I think she's just about to break a bit of bad news.
I haven't done the hands yet, I always seem to leave them till last, but I wanted to get it put up.
Maybe I'll do a post of just sketches of hands.


  1. O! I know! :-) Mum tell: "It is better not to do this!". But kids smile everytime, they don't understand all this rules! They so happy!
    Lovely picture!!!

  2. I completely love youre linework and the (seemingly) simplicity how you expres facial expressions, truely beautifull.

    And yes I think I know the feeling when having to draw good hands :)

  3. love your expressive lines. and the way you capture personality.

    .personaly i am a member of the bunch of bananas school of hand drawing..:-)

  4. Yeah, I seem to be able to draw faces and arms and legs, and they look like faces and arms and legs, but hands tend to look like either claws or scribbles.
    Maybe I'll start drawing all my characters wearing mittens.