Wednesday, 31 March 2010


I have received an award! Huzzah!
The very kind Justin Segal bestowed the Zombie Chicken award upon me.
(See Justin's great blog here)
Thanks very much Justin :)

In honour of it, here is a sketch of a chicken I did a while back.
He's not a zombie, but is supposed to be snooty, self-important, and a bit hubristic.


  1. Hey Jon,

    Lovely work, I'm a big fan of loose hatching and bold lines and you really do handle it well (gotta love that "undo function" me too, gets to be a habit you cannot shake in 'real life' :). Tonnes of character in so seemingly simple a treatment. Be great to see more of your 'live' pencils too. Ta for stopping by the old blog, much appreciated!

  2. Hurrey!!! :-))))
    Jon! My greetings! I so glad for you!
    You deserve this award ;-)
    Hurrey! Hurrey! :-)

  3. Behold, I am a giraffe! :))))) I just realized!
    Oh my God! :-)))) I understood! This chicken - seems he displayed pride, yes! self-important. Allegedly he also got an award ;-) Cool! I love it!!!

  4. that chicken is so full of attitude and ... life (def. not a zombie!). Awesome work as always and tge award is richly-deserved! Sketch on!