Tuesday, 5 July 2016

My Shop Updated

Hi Chaps,

I have updated the shop on my website, where you can buy prints of work.
It's all a bit clearer and smoother now with a 'shop' page which has thumbnails on it.

Due to a lack of ability to create my own shop with payment process etc, I though the best approach would be to leave that to others.
Therefore, the thumbnails link through to a purchasing page which is actually on the sites Society6 or Etsy :) So all the payment and deliver processing is done by them.
You can get prints, framed prints and greetings cards from the images on Society6.
And for the Etsy images you can get a digital download to organise your own printing and framing at your leisure, as you see fit :)

Here are some of the pictures available.

Do have a wee look.
There's a link to my website on the right, or you can go directly to the shop page here

1 comment:

  1. lovely prints, especially the one with a mouse :) So cute !