Thursday, 15 January 2015

I Spy

Hi Chaps,

Happy New Year everybody.
And as a celebration, I thought I'd do something a bit fun and participatory.

So, as it's been a few months since 'Small Blue and the Deep Dark Night' came out, I thought I might do a little 'I Spy' quiz.

This is a quiz for people who have a copy of 'Small Blue', or access to a copy, say at a library or something.
But if you look through the book, there is something that appears on every spread where the lights are on.
Bit of a clue, it's a certain coloured toy, but see if you can spot it.

It's a sort of sub-plot I put in, if you can call it a sub plot.
Just sort of something to spot and look out for as you're reading.

But have a careful look through, see what you can spot, and I'll do a post next week with the answer, with pictures.

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