Monday, 23 July 2012

Pirates, Arrrr

Hi Chaps,

Well, I've just recently been working on a Pirate book, which has been great fun.
And, an interesting spin on it, is that it's also a game story book.
It's got a spinner on the front, so you don't need dice, and three board games inside which I had to design and draw as part of the book, too.
A bit of a challenge, but fun, and also quick. Eleven spreads, and covers and title page etc, and  from sketches to artwork delivery in just one month, which is the quickest I've done a whole book.
It's been a bit of a push, but I don't feel it's been rushed.
It's been great fun designing a galleon and a pirate captain, and a bunch of pirates for the crew, and a pirate map and everything.
So, as I've suddenly got a bunch of new work, I thought I'd post a couple of my preliminary sketches.

And, a quick note -
In my research, I found someone who'd put 'Oooh Arrrr' for pirates.
However, this is actually farmers ( See 'Brand New Combine Harvester' by The Wurzels)
Pirates just go 'Arrrr'.


  1. They are sooo funny! :D
    I like them all! And one post higher!
    All Pirates from You just my Lovely!!!!!!! :D