Monday, 28 May 2012

Authors Live

Hi Chaps,

Here we are. I've found a bunch of talks by children's authors on the BBC iPlayer.
They are from Authors Live, organised by the Scottish Booktrust, and BBC Scotland.

It's part of Scottish Booktrust's 'Meet Our Authors' programme, where they have authors talking to a live audience of children whilst being filmed and broadcast simultaneously over the internet.
They've got an archive of the talks that you can watch from their website, all about 30-40 minutes long and they're a good bunch of writers, people like David Walliams, Julia Donaldson, Eoin Colfer, Francesca Simon, James Mayhew and Jacqueline Wilson.
So it's like being at a school when the authors do a visit.

Here's a link to the page on the Scottish Booktrust website

And they're also on the BBC iPlayer too here

And I didn't want this post to be all writing, so here are some pictures too :)

These are character sketches for an idea for a book I've got, of Bentley Rhino, and Minty the Monkey. The story's also going to have Henley the Tiger and Spicy Jack the Parrot in it, so I'll see if I can put some sketches of them up in a post soon too.

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