Thursday, 23 February 2012

New Website Image

Hi Chaps,

I've just put a new image up on my website, so I'm putting some accompanying sketches up here.
The image is of a Pensive Wolf. I think I may name him Hemster Whealhough.
But. he's really having to think hard over a period of time, bless him.
So I wanted to show the passing of time with four different images of him thinking, but wanted to have variation, and keep it interesting.
Here are my first idea sketches,
which developed into these poses
Which became this series of pictures, showing his cogs going round.
And you can see the colour image on my website here second row, on the left.


  1. So much personality, I can hear the cogs grinding. It might be because I'm working on a Withnail and I sketch but the last panel has Withnail aspects, especially in the scarf and arm... Do you know the film? Perhaps your Wolf might be called (quote) 'Desmond Wolfitt' :-)...? Sorry not to have blogged for a while, I see you've some interesting past posts I need to look at when time allows... duty calls though TTFN sir

  2. Yes, I do know Withnail.
    I think it seeped in subconsciously, cos the character is a slightly shabby posh wolf.
    Interested to see what your Withnail sketch is all about :)