Thursday, 26 May 2011

Baby Milk Bear

Hiya chaps,

On a bit of a roll with the posts here.
This is another bit of work I've done fairly recently.
It's a cuddly bear for the label on some baby mik.
The agency already had the pack designed, and a rough of the bear, and my task was to draw a nice cuddly bear, that had the head and paws etc in the same place as their rough, but that looked natural, and not like a hunchback. Cos it's head was over to one side, in order for it to fit in next to the logo.
So I thought of it as a bear reaching up to be picked up, and in that pose the head and everything was in the right place, but he looked nice and natural, and his face and paws weren't obscured by and of the design elements.
But it was a fun quick job to do, and quite a nice interesting problem to solve.


  1. What a beautiful little bear.. he is adorable Jon..

  2. Interesting to hear your brief on this one. You've been really successful in solving the little spatial dilemma they created for themselves. Cute little fuzzy fella :-) Great to see your book work too... lovely characters as always... they just come to life!

  3. He is wonderful! :))) sooo kind! Oh!!!
    He is loveliness!
    I saw him on your site in colors - fantastic!
    I want to hug him so much!!!!!!!!!

    Your blog and web-site with illustrations are the ocean of inspiration!
    Wish you have a great weekend, Jon!!!!