Friday, 17 December 2010

The Leicestershire Children's Book Prize

There's some good stuff in the Leicestershire Children's Book Prize.
And, you can vote for them too, last day is today though (oops) sorry about posting this so late

Both Dirty Bertie and The Dunderheads has illustrations by David Roberts, who is very good indeed. So well done him for getting on here twice. Top stuff.
Ghost Goblins is illustrated by David Melling who is also very good indeed.
And The Story of Matthew Buzzington is illustrated by Ross Collins, whose stuff I really really like.

So those are my pick of the pops

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  1. Hello, Jon! Merry Xmas!!! :-)))
    I looked this link! And I love really illustrator of The story of Matthew Buzzington and Ghost Goblins! THey are lovely!!!! :) Thank you, Jon, for sharing!
    Not long ago I bought a book published in London by "Puffin books". Roald Dahl "BFG" (Big Friendly Giant) - the Book is Fantastical and illustrations- Too :) May be you know - Quentyn Blake :)

    Wish you have a marvellous Holidays! :)